Lori Benka is a Pastor’s wife and musician who loves to write and encourage those who have lost all hope.

I pray that this blog will minister to you and bring a little bit of joy and hope to your weary soul.

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He See’s You

Have you ever felt unloved? Maybe you have felt like an outcast or like your dreams have somehow shattered. I want to begin a series of writings on how God sees us even when nobody else does. We will dive into the lives of some women from the Bible and listen to their journeys from … Continue reading He See’s You

A New Chapter

You know the moments in life when one season is ending and you begin to frantically run around trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do in the new season? My youngest son whom I have homeschooled for the past ten years is now a high school graduate. I have to admit, I am … Continue reading A New Chapter

You are Beautiful

I love going to the lake or ocean and searching for sea glass. It’s always exciting to find something so beautiful. I have three containers filled with pastel shades of green, brown, clear, blue and aqua which are displayed on various windowsills in my house. One day, as I was looking at my collection, I … Continue reading You are Beautiful

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